Outriders Review
20 órája
Azuller 17 órája
Here. Enjoy your expansion at 35 fps
Establish85 17 órája
Sooo fnk pump ! Now....
Big Doggy
Big Doggy 17 órája
Movie was total crap
SME beats
SME beats 17 órája
Is this going to be available on oculus rift s? Or is it just on the quest 2?:(
Sunny Lu's Burner
Sunny Lu's Burner 17 órája
That was the cameo really??
Wolf 17 órája
The game is 9/10 for me single player. Multiplayer 4/10. Take this with a grain of salt
IJS Gaming
IJS Gaming 17 órája
No way this game coming back to life
Carlos bodoque
Carlos bodoque 17 órája
¿This game will be available in ps5¿
Anime Boy
Anime Boy 17 órája
Ethan Winters will become one of the icon MC for resident evil
Goth Pancake
Goth Pancake 17 órája
Edwin PJ
Edwin PJ 17 órája
Nostalgia kicks in 🥺🥺🥺
Blu Gill
Blu Gill 17 órája
so something like m&m style combat?
Edwin Colindres M.
Edwin Colindres M. 17 órája
Pyramid head would be sick on this game
DylanT Channel
DylanT Channel 17 órája
Plot twist its only a virtual simulation hahaha
Spiros Spero
Spiros Spero 17 órája
Major West
Major West 17 órája
This game has been at the bottom of the “Coming Soon” section of the Switch eshop for what feels like years now
Parks Lovelady
Parks Lovelady 17 órája
Now they need to port this game to the kfconsole
JerzeVillain 17 órája
It better be nemesis and Jill as a survivor
twilightsanity 17 órája
That is possibly the spookiest design of a Beholder I've seen. Damn.
Josh 17 órája
buy doge
Sureber Ferber
Sureber Ferber 17 órája
Give. It. To. Me... NOW!
DylanT Channel
DylanT Channel 17 órája
Biggest bomb drop in the final seconds wooooo!!!!
Hugo Stiglitz Live
Hugo Stiglitz Live 17 órája
they got drax and Dogen from Lost. i'm in. also zack snyder
SamWasTaken 17 órája
This zombies are so smart that they can see dave batista
Revolutionary No.2 Chief Of Staff
Revolutionary No.2 Chief Of Staff 17 órája
This looks so boring
Cedric Andre Samson
Cedric Andre Samson 17 órája
Bucky do be having a summer vacation
MrSolvaring 17 órája
Chris has turned into Wesker!
Drive 17 órája
Douuu alto juegazo. Rre tarde xD
Jay_Racher 34
Jay_Racher 34 17 órája
Jupiter - Gustav Holst, The Planets Suite
Euris Carrillo
Euris Carrillo 17 órája
Oh man... Plat games, what happened?
Spiros Spero
Spiros Spero 17 órája
Τhe memes will flow again Chris will! Save the redfield lineage
Emilio Silva
Emilio Silva 17 órája
V*********** vão se f**** seus alienado
Infinity Synthesis
Infinity Synthesis 17 órája
Such a AA generic game. The voice acting with the player characters is awful. The fight enemies and push button gameplay is outdated. The soundtrack is meh and the loading is obnoxious. At least the powers are kinda cool.
lAmCanad1an 17 órája
_Lets see how special you are._ *Rule 34 has entered the chat.*
Emilio Silva
Emilio Silva 17 órája
Vai se foder
Captain Redbeard
Captain Redbeard 17 órája
The host is annoying
Fanaticalplel 17 órája
No he not
Tanner Smith
Tanner Smith 17 órája
is this gonna be available for rift s
jbroti 004
jbroti 004 17 órája
Kissing: The Movie
Deity 17 órája
video games to movies look so corny it’s unbelievable. This is actually one of the worst fight scenes i’ve ever seen.
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown 17 órája
Leon: Claire why are you here on my date with Ashley Graham? Claire: you don’t call you don’t text what’s going on? Leon: I’m saving the planet. Claire: Bull**** Ashley: Language
Mano Santana
Mano Santana 17 órája
fanatykdody 17 órája
The best version of liu kang was in MK11, hands down.
Chief Trendin
Chief Trendin 17 órája
It’s definitely collaboration week or something 🧐🧐
Ed venuto
Ed venuto 17 órája
Resident evil 4 my favorite
Supreet Purohit Prakash
Supreet Purohit Prakash 17 órája
The thing that annoyed me is that the player didn't even aim anywhere else than at the center, no headshot, no footshot to slow.........
MJ Will Got skills
MJ Will Got skills 17 órája
184 people are members of the Brotherhood Shadow with Quan Chi
Chris Santillan
Chris Santillan 17 órája
Roman is literally the only one that’s thinking what we’re thinking right now
Benjamin Coddington
Benjamin Coddington 17 órája
Ok but Spider-Man or doctor strange next episode because they are going to NYC? 🤔
akhil kariat
akhil kariat 17 órája
Wow, looks brilliant
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 17 órája
He ice cloned
Xander Barkell
Xander Barkell 17 órája
Plz be mr x or nemesis plz
Kevin Bao
Kevin Bao 17 órája
The campaign of outriders is so bad that it's funny
locklear308 17 órája
Guys...please update that UI, it looks so bland and awful lol
Tran Shah
Tran Shah 17 órája
What the heck is goin' on over there?
J_Bumpas 17 órája
Bring this back!!!!!
Tuzz Nation
Tuzz Nation 17 órája
this game has more type of brewmother than its gun variety
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 17 órája
Who's buying this?! Not me!
4dj 17 órája
They do all of this and still dont make their game multiplayer
Mini Bunch
Mini Bunch 17 órája
there's seven episodes tho
chile9615 17 órája
No offense to any fans but after playing the Demon souls remake, this remaster aint looking that hot. They should have invested more and remade it.
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 17 órája
Damian Alsina
Damian Alsina 17 órája
Nintendo 64 2021
Saint Y8S
Saint Y8S 17 órája
0:33 "Anime"
trevon444 17 órája
We need that remaster for new consoles
Neo 17 órája
Resident Evil 4 Village People
Ally Frenyay
Ally Frenyay 17 órája
Sounds like “The Peninsula”
Bobby Grey
Bobby Grey 17 órája
Breaks records selling? And I‘m sitting here probably waiting another year to receive one. Probably better to just wait for the Pro version already, with a better ssd and a bigger game library.
Gantzuka 17 órája
In some instances The Legendary Edition looks worse.
shanoop 17 órája
False Theory
False Theory 17 órája
It’ll be on sale soon enough.
Musab Marzouque
Musab Marzouque 17 órája
12th time is the charm.. Right in the nostalgia
Jason Marcil
Jason Marcil 17 órája
Marvel is working on a level beyond worrying about how these episodes are going to be reviewed on an individual level. As a fan, I'm not just watching these shows with anticipation of what happens in the "finale." These are elaborate build-ups to what will take place in the films, and I'm completely fine with that.
Golden Chi1d
Golden Chi1d 17 órája
It has *Fade to black* a little *Fade to black* something for *Fade to black* *Connection To Server Has Timed Out*
David Parker
David Parker 17 órája